Freelance Director, CG Artist

CHRONICLES: PRAGUE // Director (Student Project)

We originally started Chronicles as an iPhone tourist guide app. It was a student project, intended to show tourists around Prague in a non-traditional way. For that purpose, we created a path through the city, that the customer would follow and stop at several historically important spots. At each stop, they would watch a video, showing them how that place looked in the Middle Ages, during the reign of Charles IV. Also, these videos would chronologically show them the king’s life, his road to glory and the crown of the Holy Roman Empire.


This was a difficult project, one that tested not only my VFX, but also the story-telling and directorial skills. We created ninety percent of the whole project in one room, on a greenscreen. I drew the storyboards, directed the actors, edited the videos, created the CG models and put everything together in compositing. Tomáš Gogár created the app, Tomáš Straka helped us gather all the actors, costumes and props and Michal Kacl created the model of 14th century Prague as well as some other 3D models and matte paintings. You can see the behind the scenes bellow.


Even though it was “just” a student project, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Chronicles. It was an adventure and even though we had to compromise a lot on the quality side in order to finish it, I believe it was one of the best projects I’ve ever been part of.


The software I used on this project: